With Facebook’s new Timelines for brands due to go live today, I thought it would be a good time to round up some of our posts on Facebook marketing. 

Topics covered include f-commerce, timelines, the EdgeRank algorithm, customer service, as well as lots of useful Facebook stats… 


These posts look at the current state of f-commerce, why it’s working out for some brands, as well as some examples of brands doing social commerce well. 

Why Facebook commerce is alive and well

Q&A: Payvment CEO Christian Taylor on f-commerce

101 examples of f-commerce

Can f-commerce work for retailers?

11 examples of f-commerce for 2012

What does the future hold for f-commerce?

F-commerce review: Lyle & Scott

Will f-commerce succeed?

Facebook’s IPO

Some views on Facebook’s IPO…

Facebook finally files for IPO

Facebook’s IPO: the experts’ view

The EdgeRank algorithm and SEO

Kelvin Newman wrote an excellent post for us last year on Edgerank, while we also have some tips on SEO and landing pages.

The ultimate guide to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm

SEO tips for Facebook Pages

How is Facebook advertising performing against search?

Seven tips for a killer Facebook landing page

Why is this so hard? Google, Facebook and adult retailing


Which Facebook and social media metrics you should measure, and whether brands are managing to track their social campaigns. 

Which Facebook marketing metrics matter the most?

20 key points about social media measurement and metrics

Companies continue to struggle with social media measurement

Are you measuring the right social media metrics?

11 ways to measure the value of social media


Some useful pointers on timelines…

10 excellent examples of Facebook Brand Timelines

Facebook’s six tips for Timeline transition

Bulmers uses Facebook timeline to showcase 125-year history

Facebook previews Timeline for brand pages

A further look into Facebook’s new brand pages

25 brilliant examples of Facebook brand pages

Customer service

Stats and tips on providing customer service on Facebook…

Companies respond to just 5% of questions on Facebook

Five tips for using Facebook for customer service

Social customer service: a best practice checklist

10 reasons why customer service has failed to wake up to social media


Lots of stats…

82% of Facebook brand pages updated less than five times per month

Why do people follow brands on Facebook?

Which is the most popular UK retailer on Facebook?

Deloitte says Facebook is worth £12.7bn to EU economy

Facebook reveals its top 20 most shared articles in the UK

On Facebook, the most liked get richer

Beer boosts Facebook CTRs, but not conversions

Which UK retailers are thriving on Facebook and Twitter?

One Facebook fan = 20 web visits

Only 6% of UK advertisers fully invested in Facebook ads: report

Travel shoppers react badly to Facebook Like buttons: report


The Facebook timeline of social commerce: infographic

Generation Y and Facebook: infographic

How do social logins and sharing affect e-commerce: infographic

10 fantastic Facebook infographics

Social commerce, fact or fiction: infographic

Mapping the social media landscape for 2011: infographic

Payvment study shows sellers use Facebook ads to drive f-commerce