Responsive design continues to be one of the most important trends in web design, yet a new report has found that businesses are still lagging behind consumers when it comes to mobile adoption.

In the annual survey from ExactTarget, 42% of marketing professionals said they rarely or never use responsive design in emails.

However more than a fifth (24%) of businesses said that more than 50% of their email marketing is read on a mobile device.

Similarly only 41% of respondents said that they ‘always’ or ‘often’ create responsive landing pages.

Econsultancy’s own Reducing Customer Struggle Report found that three-quarters of organisations surveyed believe that mobile is ‘important’ (42%) or ‘critical’ (32%) to their business objectives.

However the same research shows that less than a third of businesses (30%) believe that they provide a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ user experience on mobile.

Thinking about your customers, how important is mobile to your business objectives?

The ExactTarget report also investigated the level to which mobile is integrated into wider marketing campaigns, which is seen as fundamental to marketing success as mobile adoption grows and consumers spend more time using their smartphones.

Overall some 41% of respondents stated that they haven’t integrated their mobile marketing into their overall programs.

On the plus side, of the 47% of marketers who did integrate mobile marketing into their overall program, 95% said the integration was at least somewhat effective and 16% claimed it was extremely effective.

The challenges involved with integrated marketing were the subject of a recent report from Econsultancy and Adobe.

The report, entitled ‘Channels in Concert: Trends in Integrated Marketing’, is based on a global survey of more than 1,000 business respondents carried out by Econsultancy and Adobe in November 2013.

It found that while the vast majority of responding companies dabble in this area, only 12% indicate they have a truly integrated approach to all campaigns across all channels.

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The Salesforce ExactTarget ‘2014 State of Marketing‘ survey was conducted online from October 24 2013, until November 1 2013. 1,959 marketing professionals completed the survey.