The State of Search Marketing Report 2013 looks in-depth at how companies are using various digital marketing channels, including paid search, search engine optimisation (natural search) and social media marketing.

It follows a survey of over 400 respondents from both companies (client-side advertisers) and agencies, collected in November 2013.

The findings cover the significance of different technologies and trends across paid search, SEO, social media, digital display, email and mobile marketing. The study also contains information on spending, resourcing and the untapped potential in digital marketing.

One of the questions asked is “to what degree are your search engine optimisation efforts integrated with the following digital marketing disciplines?”

Here are the company responses:

And here are the agency responses. As you can see the difference between companies and agencies in this case is fairly marginal.

The other interesting trend highlighted here is the significant move away from traditional display ad marketing.

Faith in traditional digital display advertising is fast decreasing, with many experts believing that banner ads just don’t work. As native advertising becomes an increasingly viable alternative, it’s clear in which area the bulk of marketing budgets will be spent.

Consumers are increasingly expecting a consistent experience across all channels and integrating the efforts of various digital marketing channels is a key part to delivering that experience. 

For more insight, research and trends, download our full 78 page State of Search Marketing Report 2013.