Almost half of UK consumers (48%) would be quite likely or highly likely to respond to text offers if they were sent to them from a company they had purchased from.

A further 49% claim that they would be quite or highly likely to opt in to join a text offer list.

The findings come from a survey of 1,368 consumers by Text Marketer, which also found that 68% of people would be open to receiving special offers via text message.

In reality these numbers seem quite high as text spam can be a major irritation, and it’s important to bear in mind that statistics that predict future behaviour should be treated with caution.

The apparent willingness to receive offers via text message could be influenced by the fact that 61% of respondents have received three or fewer marketing texts in the past month, while almost a third of people (31%) have not received any SMS messages at all.

This seems quite low and could explain why the sample doesn’t see text marketing as an annoyance.

The results also show the need for companies to allow consumers to opt out of SMS marketing.

92% of consumers believed that it was very important to be able to opt-out, whilst 85% explained that they would not purchase from companies that did not include an opt-out feature.

Non-marketing alerts

The survey shows that a majority of consumers are willing to receive order confirmations (61%) and delivery notifications (89%) via SMS.

This presents an opportunity for e-commerce sites to improve customer service by keeping shoppers notified of delivery times.

However this may become less of an issue as smartphones become more prevalent. At the moment many companies send order confirmations by email, and as 36% of consumers read marketing emails on mobile the need for SMS confirmations is likely to dwindle over time.