This is particularly true for brick-and-mortar stores as the data also shows that more than a third (36%) of smartphone owners had used a map tool in the previous seven days.

What tasks have you carried out using your smartphone in the past week?

Use of mobile commerce

Though mobile is playing an increasingly prominent role in the customer journey, conversion rates on smartphones still lag far behind tablet and desktop.

Data from Screen Pages shows that average conversion rate from desktop computers is 5.41%, compared to 4.16% on iPad and 1.3% on smartphone.

This is reflected in that fact that although 27% of smartphone owners said they had shopped online in the past week, just over half (51%) said they hadn’t made a purchase on their device in the preceding six months.

A further 26% of respondents had made fewer than three purchases using their smartphone, while only 12% had made seven or more transactions.

In the past six months how many times, if at all, have you used your smartphone to make a purchase from a mobile website or using a mobile app?

Among those who had made a purchase using their mobile, 54% had spent less than £50 in total in the previous six months.

This indicates that in general consumers still shy away from making bigger purchases using the mobile web or apps, although on the flip side 30% of mobile shoppers had spent more than £100.

Roughly how much money have you spent in total through mobile websites and apps in the past six months?

The data comes from a Toluna survey of 1,000 UK consumers, the full results of which are included in the Mobile Commerce Compendium.

It contains tips and advice on mobile commerce, mobile search, and how mobile can be used in-store and as part of a broader multichannel strategy.