Already the mobile explosion of the past 12 months has been phenomenal and the upcoming 4G marketing war will drive countless new users to smarter devices with increasingly higher user experience expectations.

Brands need to understand and recognise that everything will soon become mobile and access to the internet via a mobile device will become the ‘norm’.

Mobile will soon become the first screen and the primary medium to access the internet to check email, book flights, shop online and interact with social media. However, if the mobile experience isn’t right first time, customers won’t come back.

According to our recent Reducing Customer Struggle Report, online businesses already seem to have some idea of exactly what issues customers face when it comes to mobile shopping.

According to over a third (36%) of respondents, the most serious issues faced by customers visiting ecommerce sites via mobile devices are screen-sizing issues as well as bad navigation and poor ‘findability’ issues.

In addition, a quarter said form-filling problems (26%) and slow page loading (23%) were serious mobile issues.

Q: What do you think are the most serious issues your customers encounter when they interact with your brand via a mobile device? 

A poor mobile user experience can have a direct impact on how customers view the entire brand. In fact, a separate IBM study recently found that 63% of adults online would be less likely to buy from a company via other purchase channels if they experienced a problem conducting a mobile transaction

As a result, investment to improve customer experience in this area has never been more important. 

The 4G war drums are about to commence. Brands need to be sure that they take advantage of the new mobile landscape and do not let poor mobile user experience ruin this unique opportunity.