Leon Bailey and Jonathan Hirshler look at how five of the UK’s most popular campaign groups can enhance their online visibility and presence.

1. Plain English Campaign

Improvement: Blog platform for news

The Latest News link goes to news.htm which contains multiple news stories. This section should be updated to a blog style format allowing each article to have a separate page (potentially more traffic from SEO) and make the user experience better (by allowing easier navigation and the ability to ‘forward’ individual articles to friends).

2. Campaign for Real Ale

Improvement: Better use of Title tag

This seems so simple, but how about the word ‘beer’ in the Title tag of the homepage?

The website is already #4 for ‘beer’ in Google. Imagine the amount of traffic that is delivering. Now imagine how much more it would deliver if it ‘beer’ was included in the title tag of the homepage and the website ranked #1 or #2.

3. Campaign Against Political Correctness

Improvement: Redesign

Set up in 2004 this Laura & John Midgley’s campaign has attracted TV appearances, a book spin-off and the support of Members of Parliament, so it’s surprising to see the hub of the campaign – the website – is so amateur in design.

This ‘FrontPage Express’ style design does nothing for the credibility the pair have built up offline. If they want to increase donations made online the website needs the trust factor – this will come with a slick, professional and modern redesign.

4. Credit Action

Improvement: Ditch the splash page

Is this website supposed to help people out of debt or is it a library for stock images?

I cannot think of a single reason as to why they need the splash page – External websites normally link to homepages, so it’s much preferred for SEO purposes to have content on that page.

5. Campaign for better transport

Improvement: Create a social network for commuters

Whether it’s a V Bulletin style message board, split into the major commuter routes, or a fully fledged social network, the Campaign for better transport should let communities drive localised campaigns.

The website should reach commuters by bidding on the names of rail companies. Once the social element has built up a wealth of user generated content this form of advertising should be reduced as the natural search benefits take effect.

Jonathan Hirshler is MD of

Scorecomms – specialists in campaign websites. Leon Bailey is an online marketing, PR and partnerships professional.

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