The value of advocacy

O2 spoke at the Festival and gave some interesting stats on the impact of a highly satisfied customer, worth up to 4.5 times more than a dissatisfied one.

o2 customer advocacy

Data strategy at The Guardian

The Guardian told us:

  • Signed-in users make up 1% of users.
  • They punch above their weight – 20 times more valuable.
  • 571% (!!) more sessions per user.
  • 59% more page views per session.

The publisher cited Deloitte research; people who believe that companies tell them how their personal data is used are more likely to be confident that companies handle, share and use their data to deliver personal benefits.

As demonstrated by the graphic below. See this video for The Guardian’s data promise to its readers.

data trust

Email volume at The Guardian

RFM and propensity modelling at The Guardian to optimise email communications has had dramatic results; a 24% reduction in subscriptions churn over two years.

Dedicated resource for email has evolved The Guardian’s strategy and improved conversion.

  • Email volumes have increased by 56%.
  • Total email opens increased by 110% for editorial emails and 32% for commercial emails.
  • Unique click-throughs have increased by 50% whilst unsubscribe rates have remained low.
  • Editorial traffic attributed to email increased by 150% since August 2013.
  • Editorial email sign ups increased by 100% year-on-year.
  • Revenues from commercial emails have increased by 100% year-on-year.

Multi-touch attribution

Datalicious gave us a talk on attribution, with the following charts catching my eye.

The first shows how last touch attribution undervalues certain media channels (with Facebook notably jumping 911% in delivered revenue, when switching to multi-touch attribution).

The second chart shows how companies and agencies have adjusted their spending accordingly.

attribution roav

which channels seen more investment

Music in marketing

Cord, an agency specialising in ‘music-first marketing’, laid out why music can play such an integral role for campaigns and brands.

  • ‘Music’ was the most searched YouTube term in 2014.
  • 27 out of the 30 most viewed YouTube videos of all time are music.
  • Of 4bn YouTube views every day, 38% of them are music videos.

External influences on email

Return Path delivered some excellent charts showing its own data for the affect of external factors on email response.

At lower temperatures, more casual dining emails are read, and less are marked as spam (“cold make hungry”).

impact of temp on casual dining

Earnings per hour sees a positive correlation with unique open rate (via Experian).

earnings effect on email

And external events such as a London Tube strike can dramatically increase open rates.

tube strikes effect on email opens

The rise of mobile

Silverpop discussed how best to design for mobile across email and ecommerce, with 53% of emails opened on mobile devices (Litmus, January 2015).

The following charts showed how mobile is impacting sales and how the landscape differs across international markets.

Mobile sales and traffic are significantly higher (as a proportion of the total) in UK compared to US, Australia and mainland Europe (note, this definition of mobile includes tablet).

Mobile conversion differs wildly across countries, at its lowest in Australia (<1%).

mobile sales and traffic

mobile conversion by country

Visual social media

SYSOMOS discussed the importance of the visual on social media. 

  • At least 2bn images are shared on social media every single day.
  • 80m a day on Instagram alone.
  • Photos on Facebook get an 87% interaction rate compared to under 4% for all other content types.

The decline of print

The Media Briefing selected a few charts to drive home media change even further.

In case you’re wondering, ‘national morning quality’ is another way of saying ‘broadsheets’.

As you can see below, circulation is decreasing for broadsheets, even if not as quickly as the overall average.

newspaper circ

And it’s all down to this, the smartphone rising from most important internet device for 15% of people in 2013 to 33% in 2015 (UK figures).

device used for internet

Building a bank’s brand

TSB gave us the lowdown on its brand launch and evolution, based on challenging industry malpractice, branded borrowing and service platforms, radical transparency, local social enterprises, branches, reduced CEO pay, and making all staff partners.

The rebrand targeted the so-called ‘boom loop’, focusing on advocacy, mutual benefit and loyalty.

As you can see from the Net Promoter Scores on the second chart below, this approach paid dividends in a climate where many distrust bankers.

doom loop vs boom loop

tsb nps

Gamification in food and drink

Silverpoint was an interactive game developed by Absolut Vodka and involving Punchdrunk theatre company.

A mobile game inspired by Andy Warhol’s Silverpoint sketches was developed to promote a limted edition Warhol bottle of Absolut.

The game encouraged users to visit real-life locations to earn more points (Absolut stockists, surprise surprise).

Fans of the experience were harnessed through Facebook, and teaser content was delivered to influencers.

absolut silverpoint absolut silverpoint absolut silverpoint

The final campaign metrics read as follows:

  • 13,000 players.
  • 2.5 hours average gameplay.
  • 5,000 cocktail brand-in-hand moments over the fortnight.
  • Over 60% said Silverpoint had positviely impacted brand perception.
  • Over 50% would recommend to friends as a result.

Viral travel campaigns

A not-for-profit that promotes London (funded by the Mayor and commercial partners), London & Partners aims to attract investors and visitors to the city.

In the last four years, its success has been significant.

london and partners  london and partners

Part of this success was down to its Guest of Honour campaign, which gave away a London trip-of-a-lifetime (raising London Bridge, visiting the Science Museum with Stephen Hawking, Wimbledon with Tim Henman etc.).

You can see the best-of highlights in the video below. The numbers generated were staggering.

  • 300m campaign reach.
  • 27m video views.
  • £5.6m value of media coverage.
  • 2.4m site visits.
  • 1.8m unique users.
  • 749,000 competition entries.
  • 189,000 new registrations.
  • 1,500 articles across 42 countries.
  • 68% reach amongst UK adults.

Content marketing in finance’s ‘Take Heart’ campaign was a 2014 post-budget effort to inform customers of how changes would affect them (particularly annuities).

The ‘Take Heart’ microsite (pictured below) was combined with online advertising, press advertising, email and social, and events and webinars.

All of the activity was aimed at informing consumers about pension reform.

lv budget website

As a result of this educational and multichannel campaign, LV= saw a significant increase in pensions business.

lv stats

The UK’s Post Office on social media

  • 11,780 branches.
  • 18m customers visit a branch each week.
  • 45m online visits per year.
  • 132 products.
  • Second most-trusted UK brand.
  • 99.7% of population within three miles of a branch.
  • #1 UK travel money provider.

The Post Office also shared some of its successes with social media.

By tapping into culturally relevant conversations (such as the Great War’s centenary).

stamps - great war

And being first to break news of key changes affecting customers (such as tax discs no longer required in the UK).

no tax discs tweet