Glen Calvert, Founder and CEO, Affectv

Successful personalised marketing will only possible if you have access to data.” 

The human element and a way to effectively bring the data to life has been lacking in programmatic ads.

Golden Krishna, Author and Senior User Experience Designer, Zappos

We receive 150 notifications per day and check our phones 221 times per day. We should dream of a screenless world.

UX does not equal UI.

Andy Hobsbawm, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, EVRYTHNG

Every physical thing will become connected in some form. But what next? How does that lead to good customer experience?”

51% of CMOs and senior marketing executives believe internet of things will have an impact by the year 2020

If a product comes with an instruction manual, that product is a failure.

Doug Kessler, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Velocity

Content will always be needed as the world is ever changing. However content alone doesn’t confer advantage anymore.”

Quit your sneaky content and use some integrity and emotional resonance instead.”

In two years time, the people with the best attribution models right now will win. 

Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO, Distilled

We are moving from an era of brand dominance, to one where agility is rewarded. 

Optimise for actual Google preferences rather than guess how Google will interpret user preferences. 

John Watton, Head of EMEA Marketing, Adobe Marketing Cloud

In the time it took you to read this sentence 20m emails have been sent.

William Higham, Consumer Futurist, Author and CEO, Next Big Thing

The recession and technology are the two major influences on the next generation.

40% of younger people in the UK want to spend less time with technology. 

If users can be on any channel, brands need to be on every channel.”

85% of millennials say flaws make a service or product more authentic 

Tom Daniell, Marketing Director, babylon health 

Andrew Grill, Global Partner, Social Business, IBM

There’s a problem with the word ‘social’. Social is not just Twitter, FB, etc. Social is a language.

Social media is the best piece of market research you never pay for.

Martin Talks, Founder, 10x Army

Jess Stephens, CMO, SmartFocus

Beacons don’t work.

Marc Thomas, Director of Media Sales, Taboola

Content on mobile leads to conversion, and early movers have the advantage to fill the void.

Neil Mason, Director Emeritus, Digital Analytics Association 

Simon Andrews, Founder, Addictive 

People in programmatic need to understand the value of creative in order to make memorable and visible ads.  

Richard Littauer, UX Designer, The User is Drunk

Neil Perkin, Founder, Only Dead Fish

The popularity of ‘how-to-videos’ is up 70% on last year. The subscriber model is going from strength to strength.” 

The future of video is vertical video. Built for mobile not for tablet. 

Mark Flanagan, Senior Partner for Content and Digital Strategy, Portland

You do not make a boring political campaign more interesting by doing it online.

Ashley Friedlein, CEO, Econsultancy 

Not mobile first, mobile only!