Only a third of companies (33%) indicated that they have built their mobile products using HTML5.

How do you optimise the mobile experience?

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The case for going mobile

The report also examines the proportion of traffic that businesses receive through mobile devices.

It found that around three-quarters (72%) of responding companies said that mobile accounts for more than 10% of traffic, up from 52% in 2012.

The proportion of respondents who said that more than 20% of their traffic can be attributed to mobile has more than doubled in the last 12 months, from less than a fifth (17%) in 2012 to 41% this year.

How much of your total traffic is via mobile devices?

Finally the Reducing Customer Struggle Report asked how customers are interacting with businesses through mobile devices.

A majority of companies (60%) stated that customers research products using mobile before later purchasing online, while 48% said that their customers actually make purchases through mobile devices.

A similar proportion report that customers research products for later purchase offline (44%), while just under a fifth (17%) say they use their mobile devices to research in-store.

This highlights the importance of mobile in the overall purchase journey, even if conversion rates through mobile devices may actually be quite low.

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How are you customers interacting with you via mobile devices?