More than half of businesses rely exclusively on Google Analytics (GA) for their web analytics while just 11% don’t use the tool at all, according to data included in the new Econsultancy/Lynchpin Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2013.

This is a massive increase since 2009 when just 23% of respondents said they used GA exclusively.

With GA having a reputation as both free and easy to use, and having a strong community around getting the most out of the tool, it is no surprise to see the majority use it. 

The increase since 2011 could, however, be partly due to the discontinuation of Yahoo’s free analytics tool, which was used by 8% of companies and 18% of agencies last year.

Does your organisation use Google Analytics?

The latest version of the Online Measurement and Strategy Report is based on a survey of almost 900 digital marketing professionals between April and May 2013, to examine their practices and strategies related to web analytics and data.

The report contains a comprehensive analysis of issues affecting the web analytics industry and valuable insights into the use of analytics and business intelligence tools.

What is it good for?

Among those companies that exclusively use GA, the platform is most commonly used to track traffic and conversion KPIs (86%), followed by campaign tracking (75%).

The multichannel funnels tool that Google launched back in 2011 to much fanfare has failed to catch on yet, with just 23% using this feature.

Do you use Google Analytics for any of the following types of reporting or insight?

Reasons for not using GA

The report also investigates the reasons that businesses don’t use GA. The most commonly cited reason was that businesses are happy with a different web analytics vendor (38%) while a further 35% stated that it’s not sophisticated enough for their requirements.

However it should be noted that number of companies who state they do not use Google Analytics is small, standing at just 11%. As a result, these changes may not be statistically significant.

What is the principal reason you don’t use Google Analytics?