Six out of 10 businesses have a strategy for integrating mobile into their broader marketing campaigns, according to a new report into cross-channel marketing.

While this obviously means that 40% of businesses still haven’t come up with a coherent mobile strategy, it is an improvement on last year when just over half (51%) of businesses were yet to integrate mobile into their overall marketing campaigns.

This indicates that businesses are slowly moving in line with this significant consumer trend, though it’s worth noting that the number of respondents who said mobile was “very much” integrated remained fairly static at 15%.

The data comes from the new Econsultancy/Responsys Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013 which contains a comprehensive analysis of the use of online and offline marketing channels, integration of display advertising and use of mobile for marketing.

It is based on a survey of nearly 900 Econsultancy subscribers from both companies and agencies, carried out in April and May 2013.

Does your organisation have a strategy for integrating mobile into its broader marketing campaigns?

Types of mobile advertising

The report also asked marketers which kind of mobile advertising they currently implement. The results show that there have been significant increases across every type of mobile advertising for the past year, with more than half of businesses (56%) now engaging in mobile search marketing up from around a third (35%) in 2012.

But for both companies and agencies, the largest increase has been in mobile display advertising (rising 23% to 48% for companies, and 41% to 55% for agency clients).

What types of mobile advertising is your company currently engaged in? (Company respondents)

In general it appears that agencies tend to over-estimate their clients’ use of mobile advertising, with the exception of mobile advertising for which the responses were almost identical.

What types of mobile advertising do your clients engage in? (Agencies)