I find it fascinating to look at habits of children who have grown up in the digital age or really now, with social media. So I found the recently published Ofcom child media usage survey interesting as it looked at the habits children are displaying in terms of their media consumption.

The numbers aren’t surprising nor is the move away from traditional TV viewing with only 17% of 12 to 15-year-olds saying they would miss TV if they didn’t have it. Most parents I know are showing their kids Elmo videos on YouTube and I’ve scarily seen an increase of pretend laptops, iPhones and iPads, for the under 3s to play with so they don’t break mummy’s shiny new iPhone 5. 

Crab Creative have put together this handy infographic outlining some key stats from the report. Though these numbers are from a UK survey, I still believe they are still relevant to the US marketplace. In fact, I’m sure there would be an even higher consumption of digital media in North America if it followed the trend of other reports I’ve seen here.

Are marketers looking this far into the future and trying to tap into the youth market before they become adults? The need will be there but will brands start to look at how they can change their strategies now?