Almost 70% of tablet owners make a purchase on their device every month, according to a new study by InMobi and Mobext.

Around one in ten of these consumers were also happy to use their tablet for ‘big ticket’ purchases and over 20% of tablet users claim to shop less in bricks and mortar stores since purchasing their device. 

‘The Role of Tablets in the Consumer Sales Journey’ report also shows that tablets are no longer niche – 3.9m people in the UK own one, equating to around 13% of households.

This highlights the fact that it is imperative for brands to have a tablet strategy in place.

Our comprehensive blog post, tablets: the opportunity for marketers, has a number of tips for how advertisers should seek to target tablet users.

The InMobi report also found that more than 50% of tablet owners spend at least an hour a day accessing media content on their tablets, and 72% use it while watching TV.

InMobi sales director for EMEA John Stoneman said advertisers need to include tablets as part of their multichannel strategy.

“People in the UK dual-screen more than any other nation in the world, so you’re missing a trick if you don’t have a tablet strategy to sit alongside your TV ads.”

The report suggests that media planners need to exploit the fact that tablets are “used at home, have larger screen sizes, apps, and unique features such as accelerometers to provide far richer and more innovative engagement experiences.”

Half of respondents said they shared their tablet with family members, which also has implications for advertisers.

“Advertising big-ticket items such as cars and holidays are usually joint decisions; tablets can be a great way to reach multiple decision makers in a household through ads and social media.”

The report also found that:

  • 51% use a tablet to fill what would previously have been ‘dead time’
  • 63% of tablet users in the UK agreed that it is easier to access media content on a tablet than on a mobile or laptop/desktop
  • 44% said they would not want to be separated from their tablet
  • 42% said that their tablet device has revolutionised the way they communicate with friends/colleagues

The InMobi and Mobext survey, run across mobile and tablet devices, examined the media consumption habits of over 8,400 respondents across seven different global markets.