Tips, tricks and how-to posts

With SEO being such a rapidly changing field, it’s important to stay on top of the latest tips and tricks.

These posts will help point you in that direction.

Optimising search user journey to conversion for multinational SEO

How to optimise your images for SEO

Infinite scroll: its impact on SEO and how to fix it

The ultimate guide to….the 404 status code and SEO

Using black hat SEO techniques in a white hat way

11 simple link building tips for SEOs

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Six key questions to ask your prospective SEO agency

Eight alternatives and workarounds for missing (not provided) data

Three things SEOs need to know to prevent site redesign disaster

What are ‘nofollow’ tags and when should they be used in SEO?

The basics of using Alt Text for SEO


Every SEO has a favourite set of tools.

Some of our experts have rounded up what others have found useful, so dive in and try some of these out!

Five cost effective SEO tools for SMEs and digital startups

Seven SEO tools to improve your online PR efficiency

International SEO: 22 tools and one infographic to help improve your strategy

Eight great free SEO and Google Analytics tools

Wikipedia and SEO: what every digital marketer needs to know


Every week our blog team publishes statistics that they’ve found interesting.

While these posts usually cover the gamut of digital marketing, here are a few that focus on search.

12 things you didn’t know about international search marketing

30+ compelling mobile search statistics

Search marketing stats round up

Social shares mean high search rankings: stats

Case studies

Everyone likes to know what the rest are up to when it comes to search.

To help you out, check out these case studies…

Autotrader on integrating SEO, PPC and social

Six examples of effective PPC and SEO campaigns

Q&A: Ian Monk of on a PR-focused approach to SEO

Is The Guardian having problems with its domain name migration?

Boots‘ use of advanced SEO tactics pays off in search rankings: report

Are there any serious lessons to be learnt from Mail Online‘s content strategy?

Career stuff and management posts

It’s the new year! So you may be considering a new role…

Check the below out to explore further.

Where should SEO sit within a business?

A day in the life of a… Head of SEO

Econsultancy’s current search marketing jobs

Algorithm changes

Has Hummingbird changed SEO forever?

Penguin 2.0: where does SEO go from here?

Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ search algorithm: the experts’ view

Is Google sacrificing quality in return for greater diversity?


They say if you ask two SEOs a question, you’ll get three answers back.

While the search engines do a lot to hide the ingredients of their secret sauce, SEOs have managed to figure out a thing or two.

Read below for their thoughts…

SEO is D.E.A.D.

The future of SEO was PR, is it CRO now?

Video SEO: optimising video for search is the trick most brands are missing

Four mobile SEO mistakes you shouldn’t be making

B2B SEO demystified: a content marketing case study

Seven quick tips for success with localised SEO

Why SEO still has a place in a content driven world

A rose by any other name: What I’ve learnt about SEO so far this year

SEOs: why no love for the infographic?

Why luxury brands need to focus on user experience and SEO

How will the introduction of new gTLDs change the internet?

SEO & PPC: friends with benefits

Content marketing and SEO: how will they evolve in the future?

Build relationships, not links, for SEO in 2013

SEO and social media get married

Delivering an integrated SEO approach

What’s on your SEO wishlist for 2014?

Google’s keyword data apocalypse: the experts’ view

How Google could fix the press release 

Travel aggregator sites dominate airline brands in Google results: report

What were the top trends in search in 2012?

Google’s disavow links tool: the experts’ view

What were the most significant developments for SEO in 2013?

2014: the mobile SEO timebomb

Google and authorship: more than just a picture in SERPs


Also, no list on the Econsultancy blog would be complete without a mention of our reports.

Here are those likely to tickle the fancy of SEO gurus everywhere…

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Have you found anything that has helped you to raise your rankings? Or any novel approaches that have worked particularly well?

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