There’s a lesson to be learnt here for brands both major and not so major…

Don’t give up if you haven’t grabbed an official slice of the World Cup bolo de cenoura. Apparently it doesn’t matter.

There’s plenty of opportunity to nutmeg the larger players and win plenty of reach and audience share with just a little extra creativity and cunning.

According to Unruly, despite official sponsors creating almost twice as many ads, commercials by brands not affiliated with the FIFA tournament have so far attracted 8.9m shares across social media sites.

Videos from official sponsors, who paid between £8m to £120m to have their names associated with the World Cup, have managed 3.6m shares.

Here are some more stats from the study showing the further dominance of the non-sponsors.

The top video remains Shakira’s team up with non-sponsor Activia, as we revealed at the beginning of the month in the 10 most shared branded ads so far.

In fact the top three places are all taken by non-sponsors (Activia, Nike and Beats) whilst only four of the actual sponsors appear in the top 11 most shared brands (Castrol, Adidas, Emirates and Coca-Cola).

With the success of its ‘Winner Stays’ and ‘The Last Game’ ads Nike has attracted a total of 2.4m shares, three times more that rival brand and official sponsor Adidas, residing in fifth place…

Here’s Unruly’s current top 11 most shared World Cup related ads.

  1. Activia – 3.9m shares
  2. Nike – 2.3m shares
  3. Samsung – 1.2m shares
  4. Castrol – 930,877 shares
  5. Adidas – 770,785 shares
  6. Coca-Cola – 526,081 shares
  7. Beats by Dr. Dre – 426,945 shares
  8. ESPN – 368,025 shares
  9. Emirates – 289,098 shares
  10. Nissin Group – 237,578 shares
  11. Banco de Chile – 149,491 shares

Three-quarters (75.6%) of the ad shares generated by Nike and Adidas have been generated by Nike.

The average sponsor’s ad has generated 66,156 fewer shares than those created by non-sponsors. 

One sponsor that does have the edge over its non-sponsor rival however is Coca-Cola (6th) which is currently 13 places ahead of Pepsi after attracting 87% of the shares between the two.

Here’s an infographic to show how other rivalries are playing out (click image for full version).

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