Which practices are a part of your email marketing efforts?

Looking at how things have changed since 2008, ‘marketing on transactional emails’ is the practice that has increased most significantly in the last five years (14%). 

Compared to 2008, most practices have fallen slightly, with regular list cleansing dropping the most (-11%).

Triggered emails

The Email Marketing Census also investigates the use of triggered emails. Just over a third of businesses said they use ‘automated response to website visit/sign-up’ emails, making it the most common trigger.

This was followed by ‘subscription or signup to a website’ and ‘timed content programme across sales cycle.’

Do you send out automated emails based on any of the following triggers or behaviour?

We also asked respondents which automated email programme has provided the greatest return on investment.

The greatest proportion of respondents (13%) said that abandoned basket emails provide the greatest return on investment. Supply-side respondents agree with those on the client-side, with the greatest proportion (14%) viewing abandoned baskets as having the greatest ROI.

Only 3% of client-side respondents see automated email programmes based on date notifications as having the greatest return on investment, and the fewest respondents rated lapsed customers and up-sell (4%) as providing the greatest ROI.

Which automated email programme has provided the greatest return on investment?