Almost three quarters (73%) of smartphone owners use a social networking app on a daily basis and a further 19% at least weekly, according to a survey by Lightspeed Research.

In contrast, tablet owners tend to use business apps (63%) or finance/banking apps (56%) daily rather than social networking apps (32%).

This highlights the fact that marketers should not have a one-size fits all approach to mobile devices.

Despite the fact that tablets are becoming more common, research from Somo shows that only 10% of the top 100 online brands have tablet optimised websites.

In our recent article, tablets: the opportunity for marketers, we gave an in-depth overview of how brands can make the most of the advertising opportunities available on tablets.

It includes information on branded apps, display advertising and in-app ads.

Lightspeed’s survey also looked at the propensity for smartphone and tablet users to pay for apps.

While 48% of smartphone owners said they have a mixture of paid-for and free apps, when this is split by device iPhone users are significantly more likely to have a mixture of paid-for and free apps than Android users (71% v 35%).

Looking at pricing, more than two thirds (69%) of smartphone or tablet owners who use paid-for apps have paid not more than £3 for an app.

However one in ten smartphone or tablet users has paid more than £5 for an app, indicating that there is some level of demand for premium priced apps. 

The research also found that tablet owners spend more on apps than smartphone owners – 19% had spent more than £30 on them in the past six months.