According to a new threat analysis report by web security firm ScanSafe, a high number of blogs contain potentially offensive content, while 6% of blogs hosting malware.

To fit into ScanSafe’s definition of offensive content, a blog merely has to include a single post containing profanity. Under this definition, this blog would be considered offensive, as would the average Sunday newspaper.

ScanSafe’s services blocked a total of 12 million web threats out of 7 billion web requests last month, across 30 countries. 

Other figures from the report:

  • Spyware/adware increased by 34.4% in March 2007. 2006 saw an overall increase in spyware of 254%.
  • Web viruses were down by 8% on February’s figures.
  • Web filtering blocks increased by 38% in March – a figure which ScanSafe puts down to increased web traffic connected to US basketball championships.