88% of US businesses are now actively monitoring online feedback and conversations online, according to a Forrester Consulting survey released today.

However, the Dell-commissioned report also found that only 6% of companies consider listening and digital engagement to be integral to their organisations.

The results, which came from a survey of 200 US companies, explore the challenges and benefits of monitoring feedback from the numerous digital channels now available.

Though the importance of listening online has been hammered home from all corners for years, it seems that still, even though brands recognise its importance – many are still yet to truly use the data to its maximum potential.

This supports findings from Econsultancy’s State of Social 2011 report, produced in partnership with bigmouthmedia, which found that apart from Twitter – only a third of companies said they were only doing ‘well’ at a range of social media-related activities, including listening and monitoring, engaging customers.

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