A new survey by Nielsen/NetRatings has found that the vast majority of mobile users are annoyed by ads they receive on their phones, though people are more open to adverising online and on TV.

Ninety two percent of the 2,000 US respondents to the survey said that receiving advertising on their mobile phones would be irritiating. Seventy three percent of web users also felt they were over-exposed to advertising.

Three quarters said they would prefer to use a search engine to find the products and services they are looking for, rather than seeing ads.

Seventy five percent also used search engines as their first step when looking for local retailers.

Relevancy was a key factor – two thirds wanted more targeted ads, while 56% said they saw at least saw some relevant ads online, while 53% said the same of TV.

Other surveys have drawn similar conclusions about mobile ads, particularly SMS ads. Other surveys have found that people are more receptive to targeted ads.

Blyk aims to prove that point – it recently launched a mobile network in the UK for the 16-24 age group, offering users free texts and talktime in return for sending them ads on their phones.

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