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Overcoming B2B Digital Marketing Challenges Best Practice Guide

Introduction Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies transform and respond to these challenges. According to McKinsey,[1] “Turning your company into a top quartile B2B digital player can increase revenue by 3.5%.” Econsultancy’s Digital Outlook report for 2019 explains that the next five years will be challenging for B2B marketers. […]

Internet Statistics Compendium: B2B

A collection of the most recent statistics and market data on online marketing, ecommerce, the internet and related digital media, drawn from Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Database. Aimed at marketers looking for benchmarking stats, evidence for use cases or persuasive figures for procuring investment.

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B2B Digital Transformation

1. Executive Summary Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies transform and respond to these challenges. According to McKinsey, turning your company into a top-quartile B2B digital player can increase revenue by 3.5%.[1] Rising expectations from customers and prospects is also driving digital transformation as B2B buyers increasingly expect the […]


Spryker’s Alex Graf on successful B2B marketplaces: the common denominator is speed of adaption

How much opportunity is there for marketplaces in B2B, how can the model be successful, and what does the future holds for B2B commerce.

In a recent webinar, Econsultancy editor Ben Davis spoke with Alex Graf, co-founder and co-CEO of Spryker – a digital commerce platform-as-a-service solution.

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How well are B2B sales teams rising to the challenges of digitisation?

The rapid digitisation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a sea change in how sales, and particularly B2B sales, are conducted. Once a discipline that revolved around face-to-face meetings, trade shows and personal connections, sales teams during Covid-19 have needed to adapt to a new world of online touchpoints and virtual meetings – […]

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How does marketing operations make B2B organisations more efficient?

Marketing operations, or MOPS, is all about planning, process and measurement. It goes beyond project management to encompass the people, processes, technology, and data that powers a business’s overall marketing strategy. Ultimately, MOPS should make businesses more efficient and able to adapt quickly to change. Indeed, Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends report found that B2B organisations with […]

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