A/B testing is an incredibly useful tool for designers, developers,
managers and executives. Sadly, despite the benefits, it’s often

The news for those who shun A/B testing is particularly bad: it can facilitate dramatic improvements in numerous KPIs, including
conversions and sales, as evidenced in the following five case studies.


The right design, information architecture and copy can make a huge difference when it comes to conversions and sales. All too often, however, sites are designed, organized and written based on assumptions made by a few people.

Using A/B testing with “a radical new design“, WriteWork.com says that it doubled conversions and boosted sales by 50%.

Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store

One of the great things about multivariate testing is that it allows for hypotheses to be tested. In developing the Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store website, Elastic Path Software developed a number of hypotheses about the site’s all-important homepage. It then used A/B testing to test those hypotheses in the real-world. What it found: sometimes things you think will have a big impact really don’t.

NutshellMath Homework Help

Google AdWords can be a company’s best friend, but to have productive AdWords campaigns, you typically need high-performing landing pages.

In trying to boost the number of free signups to its NutshellMath Homework Help website, Academy 123 turned to an outside vendor, Enquiro, to revise a key landing page. Did it boost performance? Academy 123 flipped the switch on an A/B test using a Google AdWords campaign to find out.

JML Direct

A/B testing isn’t just a great tool for websites, it’s a great tool for email campaigns. After all, many of the same factors that can impact performance on a landing page are also present within email creative.

One of the interesting things about A/B testing is that it can provide additional insight that’s crucial to maximizing ROI. JML Direct discovered this when A/B testing an email campaign which showed that the email that appeared to have the better response in terms of click-throughs delivered half as many sales as another email.

The Split Testing Guessing Game

Do you know someone who is skeptical about the power of A/B testing? You might want to direct them to this case study, which is actually five case studies in one. The author invites readers to guess which version of each page delivered the best results. As you might suspect, there are some surprises.