On YouTube, the video has nearly reached 1m views.

Expect this number to continue to rise dramatically riding the song’s popularity.

Given that previous Kia adverts have been as uninspired and as, frankly hateable, and unviewed (33,000 views on YouTube) as this one, this is quite a turn up for Kia.

See if you can ever listen to the Buzzcocks again…

Gaga and Twitter 

Using Gaga’s Twitter which has almost 40m followers, Kia posted a cryptic message reading ‘This is exactly my hip rehab gym routine’ followed by a Tiny URL link to the Kia YouTube Channel page above, with the advert featured on page prominently.



iPhone application Shazam was also involved with the ad, with a scan of the song providing a link to the advert in addition to the song information. 

Shazam intergration with adverts is not the first of its kind but this Kia advert was the first that I’ve seen work properly. Often the ad length and second degree noise precludes the ap working quickly and efficiently, but not with Kia’s piece.

The total cost of the advert is not yet known, but the air-time and Gaga hook-up alone, before even making the video, marks an expensive new direction for Kia ads.


Will Kia see a return on its investment on this campaign? Will it prove that spending good money on creative and involving serious social celebrity action is about as surefire as it gets? Let us know below…

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