Fred Krieger is Founder and CEO of Scoro, which provides work management software – a particularly topical SaaS solution. We caught up with Krieger to find out how the company is adapting.

Please describe your job: What do you do?

I am the founder and CEO of Scoro, an end-to-end solution empowering agencies and consultancies to manage their entire workflow in a single place. We’re giving our customers a real-time overview of everything they need to know and do about their business.

Before founding Scoro in 2013, I worked in the music industry as a manager and producer.

How has your typical day been impacted in the short term by the pandemic?

All Scoro employees have had to move from the office to working from home. Naturally, we’ve also had to cancel short-term travel arrangements, whether that’s client meetings or trips between our global offices.

Fortunately the business is heavily oriented around online collaboration tools, including our own platform, so day-to-day tasks, team interactions and client service haven’t been hampered. In fact, we’ve found our new working setup has still allowed us to adapt quickly and pick up more urgent projects geared towards new customer needs in this changed environment.

What are your favourite tools and techniques to help you get your work done at the moment?

As most of my days consist of back-to-back meetings it’s crucial to manage them as efficiently as possible. I like to use recurring Zoom meetings, which – through my Scoro calendar – are linked to Google Docs with pre-filled detailed agenda points for each meeting. The same doc is updated every meeting so all previous agendas and action items are easily accessible.

Another of my favourite tools is our Task Matrix, which helps manage goals and tasks in kanban style; where the progress of items is clearly visualised.

Which companies have impressed you since the outbreak?

I am pleased to see so many companies around the world taking the initiative and supporting their local communities.

Some examples of note are; Amazon and PepsiCo creating thousands of new jobs, independent brewery BrewDog producing hand sanitisers and handing them out for free, and Airbnb housing the healthcare professionals working tirelessly on the Covid-19 crisis, at no cost.

What changes are you making to help your brand connect with how people are feeling and experiencing the pandemic?

Businesses are operating in a fast-moving landscape so we’ve moved to improve the capability of our tools according to these needs. For example, our Task Matrix tool is now available in a weekly view to reflect the increased need for short-term planning. We also understand the  financial pressure some of our customers are under at the moment, so we’ve made this tool free until Q3 2020.

But there’s the more human element to the crisis as well. The Scoro team is working more closely with our clients through online sessions and webinars, sharing insights and experiences to make sure we’re doing all we can to support them.

What trends have you seen in the last few weeks in your sector?

Digital transformation has been accelerated at a pace never seen before, and the coming months will be a defining period for businesses in this regard.

SaaS companies such as Scoro have been highlighting the benefits of their products for teams that have been thrown into a new remote working environment. Businesses need to maintain, and ideally improve upon, collaboration and productivity in these tough times, and we’ve seen many SaaS companies step up to meet this need.

What advice would you give a marketer right now?

The most important thing is that marketers address the situation with empathy and mindfulness. Be careful with messaging and reevaluate current initiatives; consider which are actually beneficial now, and those that should be placed on hold.

Secondly, it’s important not to veer away from your brand’s key messaging. Marketers shouldn’t lose sight of the fact this situation will not last forever. It’s a unique opportunity to consider how a change in strategy might strengthen a brand’s presence as we emerge from the crisis but businesses don’t need to start again. 

What does long term planning and strategy look like now at your brand?

While we’ve shifted our focus slightly towards the most resilient industries that are thriving during the Covid-19 crisis, our offering is more relevant than ever with the shift to remote working. Therefore, we continue to be bullish about the outlook for Scoro.