For consumer brands that want to harness – and feel the group hugs from – their community, there’s nothing quite like Facebook.

With hundreds of millions of unique users, Facebook offers a ready-made platform for companies to communicate with customers and fans, to support and extend marketing campaigns and to move some of those key brand metrics. 

I have collated a few of the best presentations and videos to help you understand exactly why Facebook matters, and what it can do for your business (and how to do it). 

The first two presentations in particular provide excellent guidance on how to get the best out of Facebook, as a business, by creating brand pages. 

There are a couple videos featuring Facebook’s head of brand solutions, who explains how (and why) others are using the social network, and what’s on offer. And there’s also a video from two Coca Cola fans who set up what has become an unbelievably successful fan page for the company, plus a few other things, including a look at the brands that are already doing well in this area.


15 Facebook Learnings From The Top 50 Brands


40 Ideas and Tips for Facebook Product Pages

Facebook’s Head of Brand Solutions Explains All

Part 1

Part 2

How Coca Cola Fans Built The Coca Cola Facebook Fan Page

How To Set Up A Facebook Brand Page And Why

Top 50 Facebook Pages – 2009

I hope they help. Remember to be creative! Good luck.