Over 27,000 technologists, marketers, vendors, speakers, PR girls and start-up founders have hit Austin en masse to learn about the next big thing – or mostly network at the spate of parties and three hour “happy hours” on offer. We’ve been touring the streets of Austin with our big red bus and Brandwatch and EngageSciences have been keeping a realtime board about SXSW for us at Econsultancy.

For another take on the stats surrounding SXSW, we reached out to the folks at Sysomos to get a few daily snapshots on who is talking where and what they’re talking about. As we like numbers, we thought we’d share them with you too!

Day one:

Friday almost felt like a half day at SXSW as sessions started at two and people were still traveling in from various places around the globe. The primary discussion platform, as expected, was Twitter with a 60/40 split of men and women interacting on social platforms.

Day two:

Mentions of SXSW increased by 30% as SXSW really took off on Saturday. Though there was some mention of talks, it was the parties that were the most discussed as frankly, everyone likes free anything. But there were still great keynotes and conversations around marketing, especially statistician Nate Silver’s discussion on data and marketing.