That’s actually the point of a new element to the site called Econ Learn, which consolidates all of our skills assessment, online learning and face-to-face training information in one place. We want to make it easier to stay on top of the ever changing discipline of modern marketing.

At our core, Econsultancy has always been a “learning” company.

We started as a forum where a new breed of marketer could talk about “digital” channels, ask questions and try to figure out if an 8% click-through rate for banner ads was good or bad.

That was twenty years ago, and though the words are the same – marketing, digital, ecommerce – the responsibilities of marketers have grown and morphed almost beyond recognition.

Our learning practice has changed along with them.

Small SEO classes in our London offices grew into an international training business that brings face-to-face learning to companies like Dyson, Unilever and UPS.

Way back in 2013, the Modern Marketing Manifesto began a journey to define the skills and capabilities required by the discipline. Today, the M3 Model underpins our library of microlearning modules, deep dive lessons and accredited Fast Tracks courses in digital and modern marketing.

Marketing moves so quickly, it can be difficult to know what to do next. To help individual marketers and whole organizations, we developed the Digital Skills Index, which tells individual marketers and whole organizations where to focus their time and resource.

That journey to define skills never ends. That’s the challenge and beauty of modern marketing. We’re honoured to be a resource for you, and we’ll continue to add new learning content and ways of consuming it.

Whether you’ve been an Econsultancy subscriber for years or you’re new to the platform, we hope Econ Learn will help you throughout 2020 and beyond. If you’re a subscriber with a question or suggestion, feel free to contact our team. Or head to our subscribe page.

Visit Econ Learn to find out more.