The SXSW Panel Picker has become the great Darwinian content contest for the digital world. Econsultancy is trying its hand with a street research project and we’d appreciate your support.

Even though SXSW is a massive event, most of the attendees pass back and forth through only a few key intersections and that gave us the idea to have a street research team work the corners of downtown Austin.

Our street teams be doing short interviews with attendees, locals and hangers-on. They’ll ask about the event, the world of marketing, innovation and their Austin experience. We’re hoping to bring the findings to the stage at the end of the festival where you can find out what happens when you expose 20,000 SXSW-goers to alcohol, barbeque and each other.

With this session, we’ll be exploring questions like…

  • In the chaos of creativity on the streets of Austin, what stood out to attendees? Which specific experience? Why?
  • What is engagement for attendees at different types of SXSW events? Do we know the hand that is feeding us (or pouring us beer)?
  • How do attendees *feel* about [trending topic]. Some questions will be time sensitive. If we were asking today we might try to take their temperature on Facebook’s wavering brand for example.
  • What is the one idea or innovation that they’re taking away from SXSW…what blew their minds?
  • What are the larger lessons to be drawn about what resonates with the SXSW crowd and its constituencies?
  • What happens when you ask the same questions of the same audience…when they’re drunk? The Vertias Meter (patent pending) will look at how (and whether) viewpoints change with the time of night.

So if you think that this panel idea is a good one, we’d love your vote and ideas for what to ask on the streets of Austin. Voting ends on August 31 so make yours count.

Editor’s note: We also have another session in the SXSW Panelpicker called The Point and Click Mall: Shopping in 2020. If we get in, we’ll be using a series of short videos, expert discussions and curated studies to show the audience the world through the eyes of a shopper in 2020.