As part of our Integrated Marketing Week speakers series, we have a great line up of experts in the digital and integrated marketing space. Our third interview features Aaron Kahlow from the Online Marketing Institute.

Aaron’s mission statement for the OMI is to enable professionals to execute efficient campaigns, drive higher ROI, and advance personal career goals.

Read on to find out Aaron’s current thoughts around “big data,” the state of search and more.

What are you speaking on at IMW?

I am speaking on Social Media ROI. Basically talking about how to measure and drive amplification, set up proper attribution and really understand what’s working in social and how to categorize it with in the entire marketing mix

When it comes to “big data” in marketing, where do you draw a line in the sand as far as a definition, or size of campaign?

Big Data has ZERO to do with any campaign or its size. It’s about using your existing data set as well as third party to better understand who the user is, what their buying intent is and then have things like predictive analytics and sales forecasting to better manage your marketing efforts and improve relavancy of content.  

Big Data is about using ALL of your data, CRM, analytics, email, automation, and third party and painting a picture of what’s happening, who’s doing what and why/how to act. 

Is the old model of search broken in today’s multichannel and multi-device world?

Well, no. Search is not broken. But apps on mobile for example will continue to splinter the old lead funnel ideas.  

Truly we have so many touch points with brands now on Social, Mobile app, Google that we have to get smart about what is important and influencing the buying cycle and social has completely obliterated any idea of linear path to buying.

What other areas beyond Facebook “Likes” will we begin to see tapped by marketers as far as an online “interest graph?”

Shares, Comments, and overall brand amplification. Basically how many folks saw your post/story etc..  

Think about, how many folks simply observe or lurk to see that you post in newsfeed vs. actually “like” it. Most research shows still 90% folks who see it will NOT like or engage at all.. Just like your friend who says, “hey, been awhile since I last saw you..

Looks like you had a great trip to India” but they did not like or comment. Most just observe so measuring how many folks saw your post is one we MUST get better at. 

How can retailers of the future offer in-store digital experiences that integrates with their web /mobile presence?

They already do… The airlines and mobile checkin boarding passes;  starbucks and it’s apps for discounts and free java and on it goes. Trial and error will prove out the rest. 

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