About Econsultancy

Who we’ve been helping

We work with some of the world’s leading brands. From keeping our clients up to date on the latest trends and market developments, to full digital transformation programmes, we work with a huge range of companies to help them excel in digital.

Don’t just take our word for it—below, in their own words, our clients explain how we’ve helped them in their roles.


From research to bespoke consultancy

Econsultancy has such a range of services, from basic blog commentary using its journalistic teams, to events that aim to broaden the distribution of its content with far more expert insight and visiting speakers. Then it has the nice things, the more colourful things, like awards. And also, what I’m just working with at the moment, that one-to-one consultation with the experts in your business.

I don’t see any other organisation providing that level of thought leadership.

David Paice Group Ecommerce Director, Merlin Entertainments Plc

“I am a huge fan of the research and insight that Econsultancy produces, I think it’s fantastic and I don’t see any other organisation providing that level of thought leadership….it’s a go to resource for all sorts of research around the area of the digital customer experience. It solves a lot of problems for me in that respect.”

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Providing inspiration and insight for decisions

“I probably couldn’t do my job without Econsultancy. It’s the place I go to for everything, its keeps me up to date with my job, it’s so important that I know what’s going on in the industry.”

I probably couldn’t do my job without Econsultancy.

Seema Kumari Head of Digital Marketing, Hearst

“All the content is intelligent, it makes sense. I know there are other competitors out there, but I trust Econsultancy – it’s the one place I recommend everybody to go to if they want to get up to speed with digital or they want to do any training.”

“For me, Econsultancy is an inspiration. It has definitely helped me throughout my career in making decisions.”

“When you think of digital, it’s Econsultancy, the others don’t even cross my mind.”

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Developing content strategy

“I like the consultants that Econsultancy has, the fact that they are not affiliated to any one group and they can pull in relevant people. I call them consultant ninjas – they seem to pull in the best within their field, which means you have access to a wide spectrum of people who are working directly for Econsultancy, but also outside as well. That has benefit as it offers a different perspective in terms of consultancy work.”

I call them consultant ninjas.

Richard Dodd Director, Skype

When Econsultancy come in, it’s always to achieve a business outcome. They have been successful in helping us evolve our content strategy which has a commercial benefit in terms of getting people to convert via content.”

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Developing digital capabilities and gaining board buy-in

“BSI used our in-company training to upskill their teams, throughout the business, while using our research and events to stay ahead and understand the digital landscape. ”

“Econsultancy could service us at all levels; in terms of training new starters, refreshers, and senior people who could go back to the boardroom to get buy-in for business cases to move the digital sphere on.”

Santa Marku Global Head of Digital Marketing, BSI
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Delivering a bigger and better digital experience

Find out how we helped Direct Line Group to get their teams working better and more effectively, by improving skills and competencies at all levels

The whole essence [of Econsultancy] is to help you understand what you don’t know, as well as what you do know

Ash Roots Director of Digital, DirectLine Group
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Looking to other industries for ideas, innovation and best practice

The FT’s broad digital team all use Econsultancy to stay up to date with digital trends, to inform their conversations, undertake training, and generate ideas and best practice approaches.

It’s a really useful source of information to keep up to date with all the digital strategy and transitions we’ve been making as a business, and I’ve been making as a marker.

Fiona Spooner Head of Ecommerce, FT
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Help making decisions and delivering the optimal customer experience, across different channels

TheTrainline.com’s B2C team utilise Econsultancy’s resources to help make decisions on technology providers, features and functionality on their site and to build business cases.

If you’re looking to drive up your knowledge in the broad area of online marketing and ecommerce, I can think of no better resource to turn to than Econsultancy. It’s always the first place I look.

Andrew Towers Head of Product Development, TheTrainline.com
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