Did you know that one-sixth of the affiliates that apply into your affiliate program will not promote you unless you review their application quickly enough. But how quick is quick enough?

Earlier this year Econsultancy released its 2009 Affiliate Census Reports for UK and US markets. Among numerous other questions affiliates had a chance to respond to one that sounded liked this: “What is the main reason for not promoting a merchant after you have signed up for a program?”

Replies from the UK-based affiliates formed the following chart:

US affiliates, on the other hand, voted as follows:

There is an obvious solidarity between the British and American affiliates on the question of slow acceptance into affiliate programs. It is the third most common reason why affiliates choose to not promote a merchant even after applying into their program.

To find out what time period affiliates believe to be the maximum acceptable affiliate program application response time, I have conducted a poll giving 8 options to vote for (from 24 hours to 1 month). The way the data looks at the time of this post shows that a vast majority of the poll’s participants (84%) want to have their application reviewed within 3 days. One-third of all respondents voted for the “24 hours” period. Here is how the pie chart currently looks:

If you are an affiliate, and you have not yet voted, I would appreciate your participatiion in this poll as well. You may cast your vote here.

Affiliate program managers will have a lot to learn from the above stats.