Ad clicks from tablet computers peak in the evening, adding further weight to the theory that people tend to use them while relaxing at home.

Research from PPC agency Periscopix shows that between 7.30pm and 9pm more people click on tablet ads than on mobile ads, while for the rest of the day mobile clicks track slightly above tablets.

Click-throughs from tablets account for around 11% of all clicks at 7pm rising to 14% at 9.30pm, compared to 10% and 12% respectively from mobile.

The vast majority of clicks (80%) still come from desktops but this starts to decline at around 4.30pm as people begin to leave work.

At the same time mobile and tablet clicks increase sharply as people use the devices on their commute and at home.

There is also a spike in the morning when people use their devices on the way back into work.

This data supports the idea that people use their tablets while relaxing at home and highlights the best time of day for marketers to display their ads.

Periscopix head of PPC training Alistair Dent said that brands need to start targeting ads specifically at tablet users.

It might be an effective way, for example, for retailers to reach consumers browsing online while watching TV, particularly as order values are often higher from a tablet than from a computer.

We have previously blogged about the opportunity that tablets have created for marketers, including stats on conversion rates and usage.

According to a Google survey from March 2011, people are generally using their tablets at home. 82% said they primarily used their tablet device at home, followed by 11% on the move, and 7% at work.

In addition, 62% said they used their tablets more frequently in the evening.

This slide from a Google presentation looks at patterns in desktop/tablet/mobile usage through one single day on their systems, and shows the same patterns(HT: @danbarker): 

Looking at the types of ads that work on tablets, new data from the IAB found that a quarter (25%) of respondents said they would be likely to click interactive ads compared to just 11% for static ads. 

Furthermore, 54% of respondents had a positive overall opinion of them compared to just 27% for static ads. A majority of respondents (55%) also agreed that tablet ads can do things that other media can’t.

With this in mind, check out nine examples of great interactive iPad ads.