RadiumOne, the digital ad network that allows advertisers to target ‘social consumers’ in real-time across the web and while mobile, has launched a new sharing platform called Po.st.

Po.st allows publishers to see what, how, and with whom people are sharing, enabling them to tailor content or marketing to attract new readers or viewers.

The company also claims to be the only sharing platform to provide publishers with both new revenue opportunities and free analytics tools on top of this.

Abeed Janmohamed, commercial director for Europe at RadiumOne, explained that the key difference between Po.st and other tools like ShareThis or AddThis is that the company’s competitors provide basic sharing capabilities and social analytics, but they do not share the revenue they generate from the sharing data that’s collected.

We offer new ad inventory (that’s 100% owned by the publisher) and the ability to leverage their social sharing data to extract more value from existing ad inventory.”

He said that publishers can tap into RadiumOne’s client list of Fortune 500 advertisers to fill their remnant inventory at rates far higher than they can source from exchanges.

Additionally, Po.st can show a display ad after a user has shared content. Publishers gain impressions and keep 100% of this ad revenue.

Publishers can also use Po.st to build segments for use within their own ad serving systems or on ad exchanges, thereby increasing the value of their site inventory. Larger publishers can pay to access to additional tools allowing Po.st to serve as their data management platform.

With over 1,000 sites reaching over 250 million monthly unique users already using Po.st, Gurbaksh Chahal, founder and CEO of RadiumOne, said that he was confident that, “With our current demand we’ll quickly achieve our goal of reaching one billion unique users globally in 2012.”