Adidas has today launched its first ‘corporate’ blog, written by staff to provide people with a glimpse into the sports brand’s inner workings.

Over the past few months, employees from various departments, including marketing, social and operations, have been writing posts on new projects, daily tasks and their experience of working at adidas ahead of today’s reveal.

A post by adidas’ chief corporate communication officer Jan Runau reads, “This blog’s objective is to give you a personal and holistic picture of the company behind the brands.”

Staff have been contributing to the blog in-house since August, uploading several posts each week, all of which are now available online.

The first public post published yesterday shows off adidas’ roster of athletes while comparing blogging to sports, referencing Jose Mourinho, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Kevin Pietersen.

This is a great way to show the real faces behind the brand, beyond the celebrities that appear in adidas’ marketing campaigns. But since it’s managed by the corporate communications team, it’s unlikely to reveal anything off-message.

Adidas has also recently announced that it will be selling football boots with an ‘on board’ computer to store and analyse personal performance. Once a player finishes a game, the boots will transmit the data wirelessly to a computer or phone.

The company hopes that this will encourage sports stars to start sharing their stats within social media, allowing fans to compete and in turn discuss their own or their favourite athletes’ efforts.