Adobe has launched a new web-based video technology platform that allows marketers to create and edit live video clips for use in online advertising almost instantaneously.

The Primetime Highlights software, which was launched today at Mobile World Congress, means that marketers could create an ad featuring video content from a live event that is still ongoing.

It integrates with the Adobe Auditude ad platform, which delivers behaviourally targeted video ads, to create a single workflow for creating and monetising live video clips in real time.

Clips can be delivered via an Adobe-provided video player within an existing mobile application or embedded in a website.

Adobe says Primetime Highlights “enables a viewing experience that is smooth and comparable to traditional TV broadcasts with seamless content and ad transitions.”

The importance of video ads to marketers is increasing – comScore stats showed that video ads accounted for 12.2% of all videos viewed online in the US in January.

Furthermore, video ads from the 10 sites that deliver the most ad impressions reached 47.3% of the US population.  

Adobe said that more elements of ‘Project Primetime’ will be rolled out during 2012, allowing companies to combine consumption and revenue data to personalise their content and ads to the consumer.

It will eventually create a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe streaming technologies, content protection, analytics and optimisation with the recently acquired Auditude video advertising platform.

Video providers will be able to use the software to insert ads in linear, live or on-demand content on web-connected devices.

Primetime will be supported by all the major platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, desktop systems and connected TVs.