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How will Google’s IP Protection impact ad targeting and measurement?

Google has begun testing another feature from its Privacy Sandbox, IP Protection, which takes aim at the use of IP addresses as ad targeting identifiers. We spoke to some experts about how it works, and what it means for advertisers.

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The changing CTV landscape

Reports of television’s demise as a mass-marketing platform may have been greatly exaggerated by some of online advertising’s proponents in the past decade, but the numbers show the inevitable impact of media competition and fragmentation on broadcasters.

In one section of his presentation from February of this year, The New Gatekeepers, Benedict Evans looks at the impact on broadcast viewing as media has fragmented. A notable slide includes a chart showing Nielsen ratings for the top-rated US TV show, which was viewed by over 60% of TV households back in the early 1950s, but by barely 10% of households in 2020, a time of streaming and creator content.

So, what does connected TV (CTV) look like in 2023?

Case Studies

Ad targeting illustration featuring a large magnet pulling hearts, likes and money towards it. One person is sitting in the bend of the magnet with a laptop, another is standing next to it with a bow and arrow. Another is nearby with a clipboard. Images of a clock, a target with an arrow in it, and a video play icon surround the magnet.

The contextual advertising boom: What is it, and how can brands take advantage?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about contextual advertising? Why is this particular type of advertising – once the predominant method of online ad targeting, which later took a back seat to behavioural targeting – experiencing a resurgence in popularity? And how can brands employ it to best effect?

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A diagram illustrating the growth of retail media

What is retail media and what is driving its growth?

The retail media market has come a long way since Amazon first launched its network in 2012. Since those early days, a broad range of retailers and other businesses have established their own retail media networks, from Walmart to Kroger, Tesco, Best Buy, Instacart and even Marriott. This has catalysed growth which is set to […]

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