As the owner of a search marketing agency, I am constantly trying to find ways of increasing the awareness of search within the marketing community.

For too long now search marketing agencies have hidden their knowledge behind a wall of technical jargon in an attempt to keep ownership of these techniques, but this practice is holding back the growth of our industry.

Since Google launched AdWords in 2000, it has been their flagship advertising product and main source of revenue. As one of the most targeted forms of advertising available, AdWords has helped companies of all shapes and sizes to reach their target audience cost effectively, and makes up an important part of most of our clients marketing spend.

The more marketers can understand about AdWords and other search driven technologies, the more likely they are to invest in them. I would hazard a guess that most marketers working in-house or within agencies that don’t offer search marketing would assign less than 10% of their overall marketing knowledge to search. That’s a worrying thought.

The only way that we can raise these knowledge levels in a short space of time and further fuel the growth of search driven marketing is to expose our knowledge, while interactacting with the marketing community to help them understand what we do, why we do it and more importantly how we do it.

The search marketing industry will then be able to communicate with marketers much more easily and marketers will be able to see how much time and effort goes into producing the results they demand, helping to justify management fees etc.

As a first step towards achieving this goal, we have decided to expose ALL OF our AdWords techniques completely free of charge to the marketing community! Hopefully we can create a resource that enables marketing functions at all levels to gain a greater depth of understanding about AdWords, enabling them to make more from this channel.

To find out more visit: Google Adwords Secrets.


Shane Quigley is director of Epiphany Solutions, a Leeds-based search marketing agency.