I may not be a full service number-one digital branding or content agency myself. If I ran one, though, I’d probably make sure my site looked ok on the iPad, which we should all know by now doesn’t do Flash.

Here are 11 screenshots showing agency websites as seen on my iPad. These screenshots show the sites exactly as they appeared on my iPad (which was in landscape orientation). 

Nothing at all

This one just has the word “skip” on a white background:

This one promises “inspiring content” in the top left. But other than that there are some missing pictures and an offer to browse the site without Flash, with no obvious way to do so.

“You need to upgrade your Flash player”. If only we could on an iPad, if only we could..

Branding and not much else …

There’s not much here, but at least you can see the company name, unlike the previous screenshots:

An apology and some contact details

They’re sorry you can’t use the site without flash – but  there’s a link to their blog and details of how to get in touch.

A big hole

The rest of these use Flash as an element of the page, as opposed to having an entirely flash-driven site. That means that what you get is a hole where the Flash file would be. These sites are at least usable.

I’m not quite sure why the contact details had to be in flash – so on the iPad it says “Contact Us: Upgrade to Flash 8.0”:

This one looks like they’ve tried to serve up some alternate content. It’s just not quite worked as the iPad shrinks everything to fit the wide image on the screen. 

The main thing missing here is under “See what our clients say about us”. A big white space …

You can browse around – but there’s a big white hole on the homepage:

A big black hole this time:

My personal favourite. Squint at the top left – yes, it does say “FAIL”


We’ve chided agencies before about their Flash-based websites. And only yesterday we pointed out that some ecommerce sites don’t work that well on the iPad.

And while you could argue only two million people have bought an iPad so far (probably not a Currys iPad though), I imagine a fairly large proportion of that two million are the people agencies are going to want to impress …