I saw the tweet below from Alex and Alexa and decided to check it out.

The copy in the tweet is simple and well-judged. The landing page the brand has constructed is also very simple, in fact it’s a blog post on the brand’s style blog.

Nine products are displayed with anchor text links below and a short paragraph or two about Prince George on his parents’ trip to New Zealand.

This shows how simple it can be to effectively jump on to news, without doing it in a craven or lazy fashion simply for engagement.

'fit for a little prince'

The ingredients here are those that most brands have, but rarely use so well.

  • The ability to identify trends important to an audience.
  • A social media manager and well managed networks.
  • The ability to create landing pages or blog content.
  • The ability to curate appropriate existing content.

Here are another three examples from just this month of how Alex and Alexa engages with its community through its Life and Style blog. I’d say they give a lesson to any retailer out there, pure play or otherwise, in how to spot the right trends and act on them quickly.

Brooklyn Beckham

In another blog post, the brand simply includes an Instagram post from Man About Town, the magazine that featured Brooklyn Beckham modelling.

In this example they didn’t include a product list, but simply some commentary with relevant high fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren internally anchor text linked to relevant Alex and Alexa category pages.

In a competitive market of high fashion, this sort of editorial and social exposure can help the retailer rank for these terms in search.

alex and alexa blog

Product slideshows – Finn Bloom and Prince George

Similar themes here, but with a simple embedded product carousel on relevant blog posts, so readers can click through directly to product pages.

Click on the product images to check out the blog posts in question. I’ve included the tweets, too.

prince george product carousel 

get flynn bloom's look