1. Andrew Schapiro, Head of Brand Creative, Airbnb

Airbnb is arguably in the most exciting part of its journey. Recently rebranded, the number of Airbnb hosts is quickly approaching the number of rooms at even the biggest hoteliers in the world.

Come hear what Andrew has to say.

airbnb logo

2. Clive Grinyer, Customer Experience Director, Barclays

Clive Grinyer has a history in design, from Cisco to the Design Council. As Customer Experience Director at Barclays he’s an evangelist for the customer inside the corporate environment.

What role do social media and mobile play in providing a multichannel banking service? Come and find out.

3. Sonia Carter, Head of Digital and Social Media, Europe, Mondelez.

Oreo, Cadbury, Philadelphia, Milka, Kenco, Toblerone, Hollywood - those are some brand names. How do these brands create engagement on social and how is Sonia building on past successes such as Cadbury’s Google Plus and Facebook success?

Sonia will reveal all.

cadbury google plus

4. Deni Boncheva, Head of CRM, Northern & Shell

Native advertising is fascinating the industry at the moment. But on a broader note, newspapers need to marshall data to provide advertisers and publishers the proof of success they require.

Deni is well placed to tell us how this is done.

5. Sammy Austin, Performance Media Manager – Real Time Bidding, MoneySupermarket

MoneySupermarket has historically done with digital media, outdoing the banks in the SERPs amongst other successes. Sammy is in charge of performance through RTB. How is this technology changing targeting and ultimately revenue?


6. Roger Donald, Head of Digital Assessment, NHS Choices

Roger and his colleagues have been transforming NHS Direct from telephone based to digital first and multichannel. This is service redesign involving millions of users and myriad complex customer journeys.

Roger will share how such a big fish is tackled. For more on GOV.UK’s sterling work, see a collection of their best blog posts on service design.

7. Jeremy Tester, Director of Brand Strategy, Sky Media, BSkyB

Jeremy looks after brand strategy but also B2B comms and marketing. With Sky such a trailblazer across devices – TV, mobile and tablet – how does it continue to enhance this offering to advertisers?

8. Bonnie Jackson, Digital Display, Partnerships & Retargeting campaigns, B&Q

B&Q is a forward thinking brand. It’s already doing mobile and in-store very well. How does it go after business with display advertising – what targeting techniques work best?

9. Harry Dromey, Mischief Champion, Paddy Power

Paddy Power has a formidable reputation on social media, outperforming other online bookies. A lot os its success comes from the brands real world stunts (such as Stephen Hawking’s World Cup predictions), which Harry is in charge of.

Come and hear how he does it.

bookies - social scores

10. Claire Higgins, Head of Digital Marketing, Selfridges

It’s the most famous department store in London. How does it meet that reputation for excellence online?

See here for more on our Festival of Marketing event in November,  a two day celebration of the modern marketing industry, featuring the speakers described here and more from brands including LEGO, Tesco, and FT.com.