In a move designed to woo more female flyers, American Airlines has launched a new website section for women only.

Women Travelers Connected offers tips on safety, information from fellow travellers and advice on saving travel time.

AA’s safety, security and environmental vice president Peggy Sterling said:

“This is a great opportunity to recognise the achievements of women, let them know we are listening to them, and demonstrate through that we value their business.”

The launch is timely, coinciding with eMarketer research that shows a majority of the US internet population, 51.7% will be female this year.

Could it pay for other retailers to target online female customers in such a way?

American Airlines cited Harris Poll data showing that 35% of female travelers booked online last year, while online females” spending power is estimated at $6.1 trillion.

Increasing its customer base by just 2% could add $94m to AA’s revenue.

The new site was spearheaded by Nora Linville, AA’s director of women’s sales and marketing, who was appointed last year to exploit just those opportunities.