Keep an eye out for next week’s launch of Pixelotto, which is Alex ‘milliondollarhomepage’ Tew’s second internet venture.

Tew famously created a website where he sold 1m pixels at $1 a piece to try to cover the costs of becoming a student. The site was a massive viral hit, with word of mouth and all kinds of press and TV appearances driving a sell-out within months.

He therefore made his million dollars and promptly deferred university. Smart move. So what of his follow-up venture?

Well, it is called Pixelotto and a) it is similar to milliondollarhomepage – you buy pixels for advertising and b) it is an equally ridiculous / vaguely charming idea.

Alex Tew launches

No doubt it will gain masses of press coverage, starting here, which in turn will drive advertisers to buy pixels. Only this time around, Tew has doubled the price to $2 per pixel.

Yet he’ll only make another million, since the Pixelotto does what it says on the tin… it is a lotto draw, with the jackpot funded by pixel ad revenue.

How does it work?

  • Advertisers buy ads (minimum 10 x 10 px = $200).

  • Visitors click on ads – maximum of ten clicks per day.

  • Then, one month after Pixelotto sells all of its advertising it will choose one ad at random and select one of the people who clicked on it as the winner.

You have to love the get-out clause – in the event that this site fails to replicate the success of Tew’s first web venture, there is no prize draw and no millionaire winner!

UPDATE: Actually that last point isn’t correct – Alex has been in touch and says they’ll hold the draw on 5 December 2007 in the event that it isn’t sold out before then (same deal – 50% of whatever total revenue will be awarded).

Alex also mentioned that it is on course to happen quicker than Million Dollar Homepage judging by the pre-orders…

Do you think he’ll do it again?