And when I say ‘best’ I mean the ‘stupidest, most distracting and vaguely pointless bits’.

And when I say ‘you’ I mean ‘anyone who stumbles across this article, or receives our daily newsletter or follows us on Twitter’.

That bit about ‘the internet’ is right though. Definitely everything featured here is on the internet in some form.

Unless of course it was originally on the telly first and uploaded to YouTube later, which is true of at least one of these examples.

And by ‘all’ I mean… ah screw it, here’s the round-up.

God Gif Rock and Roll to You

This week’s entry in the ‘grrr I wish I’d thought of that’ category is Jbetcom’s super-sweet Tumblr of animated Gif album covers.

So lonely…

Here you go sicko, an ever-expanding collection of all the images on Instagram that have yet to receive a like. 

Join the parade of mediocrity by Instagraming your own images taken from an ecommerce product page, you holding a can of generic energy drink (out of focus) and inexplicably Kenny Loggins.

You can even filter by your own friends and (*nervously checks own Instagram account*) your own Instagrams.

Fun the police!

One Instagram account that will never feature in the above app is the official Reykjavík metropolitan police Instagram.

It’s basically full of puppies, kittens, candy floss and feeding the ducks.

Wait that guy took my wallet! Help help!…

Oh nevermind. 

Idiot’s guide to Tokyo

Doing half the amount of work as Louis Theroux with twice the amount of people, me and my associate made this hilarious travelogue.

It features our own stupid homages to films set in Japan, some Hello Kitty branded dried squid, blue beer, golden temples, Godzilla, evil spirits, some lingering Lost in Translation style semi-nudity and childish amusement at bad translations. Enjoy!

Friendly but sad single guy

Thanks to Redditor slupo we can see the results of this acting teacher’s class experiment… 

The above teacher asked his students to give him a list of roles he’d likely cast for based solely on first impressions. Here are the self-esteem destroying suggestions…

Dowton Abbey United

John Oliver spends four minutes explaining football, and indeed the class structure of England to David Letterman.

Springfield by night

The Simpsons’ hometown is given a moody, neon-bathed, Drive-style makeover by the perfectly cromulent Tim Doyle.

Successful guy lighting for normal guy prices

It would be ridiculous to suggest that this new advert by GE, directed by the indescribable Tim and Eric and starring a rather leathery Jeff Goldblum is the greatest advert ever created, but it is… It is.

Putting the evil in ‘large evil corporation’

The spiteful people behind A Large Evil Corporation have done it again. Not content with creating Shaun of the Dead vinyl figures last month that we’ll never own because they only exist digitally, here comes some more teasing teasing bastardry…

Many Bowies… 

Many Murrays…

Many Torrances…

“Let her go!”

It’s that old misogynistic Hollywood cliche: woman is captured by the baddie and has to be rescued by a very manly man who yells to take them instead of you but instead has a handgun taped to his sweaty naked back and shoots the baddie instead. Happens all the time.

This one’s for the ages…

Just in case you missed it, I helpfully screen-grabbed this infamous Donald Trump retweet for all eternity before he deleted it. You’re welcome.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are going to don some cloaks and swan around Hackney kicking bins over because that’s just how we roll. Feel free to join us.