Round-up, round-up, round-up (and get down).  

As part of our continuing quest to find a suitable theme tune for our Friday round-up of solid platinum internet lulz, I’ve decided that House of Pain are perhaps best listened to while staring at a picture of a dancing moose, or whatever else we’ve included this week.

Crank it up and let’s go find out shall we? 

Public Service Announcement: The LEEK IS STILL SPINNING!

It’s been going for ten years now, and seeing its whirly-vegetable glory again made me all nostalgic for 2005. Why not pop into your local PC World and set this as a default sceensaver on all the display models? 

I’m aware that I’m a wolf

This week’s featured Tumblr: a truly wonderous combo of Yeezy and Wes Anderson.  

The new wedding playlist 

Our very own Christopher Ratcliff is off getting married this weekend – congratulations Christopher!

In advance, he’s been seeking to save his guests from the agony of listening to ‘Agadoo’ for the three millionth time by putting together ‘The New Wedding Playlist’. A 52-part behemoth of songs that are at once super-romantic AND great for dancing. Enjoy! 

Art with a capital F

We never tire of ASCII ‘art’, and now there’s a lovely little generator you can use next time you feel like posting a picture of Nyan Cat on Twitter (which happens pretty much daily round here).

As a test I’ve converted this picture of me being force-fed a really big blackberry. 

It’s on headed notepaper, so you know it’s legit

I made this.

To be fair, these logos seem to be largely composed of three triangles, but it’s free, and gives you a nice little mock up that can be used to make definitely-not-immature pictures like this one: 

Go on, waste the rest of your afternoon imagining what life would be like if you owned a light industrial facility in the Midwest. 

Here’s what happens if you wash and blowdry a cow

Earlier this week I hit on an all new social media strategy when I posted this picture on Twitter.

So far it’s hovering around the 2,000 retweets mark, so expect all Econsultancy tweets to be accompanied by a picture of a fluffy animal in future. Might be hard to measure though, the metrics are a bit wooly (See what I did there? I write all my own material).

Star Wars corner: MegaFauna special

Ever wondered just what those Bantha’s were eating to produce so much poodoo?

Nope, us neither, not even when we were eight, but that hasn’t stopped Maggie Koerth-Baker figuring out just what you’d feed a giant elephant goat in the middle of the desert.

Read the whole piece over at BoingBoing.

BellCo just won mobile design

Econsultancy’s other, more mature writers often review mobile apps, but frankly I DARE them to find a better example of user-centric design than BellCo’s latest. 

So now you know:

Bonus Tim Berners-Lee* internet motivational quote of the week

*possibly. Or possibly not.

Right, that’s your lot. Me and the internet are heading to Boston to wear fake green top hats so we can experience authentic gang culture.

Catch you on the flip-flop homes.