It’s a mixed bag of digital news this week.

There have been some big announcements, a dramatic data scandal, and some seriously silly social media stuff, too.

Please enjoy.

Yahoo admits to data hack

Yahoo has admitted that 1bn user accounts may have been affected in a hacking attack dating back to 2013.

Separate to the 2014 attack that affected 500m Yahoo accounts, it is said to the biggest data breach of all time.

Yahoo has linked the hacking to state-sponsored activity, and has urged account users to change passwords and security questions.

Facebook introduces 360-degree live video

Facebook Live and Facebook 360-degree video used to be separate mediums.

This week, Facebook has announced the two can now be integrated, with the introduction of 360 video to the Facebook Live experience.

The first ever example has been produced in partnership with National Geographic, giving users an immersive look at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

Simpsons show Starbucks appreciation with animated shorts

Who knew the Simpsons were such big fans of Starbucks?

It’s been revealed that three of the show’s writers have created a mini-series especially for the coffee chain.

Since spending over three years drinking lattes and draining the internet at a Los Angeles branch of Starbucks, Joel Cohen, Rob LaZebnik and John Frink decided to create an animation for the Wi-Fi landing page.

The series, titled ‘1st and Main’, is made up of eight weekly animated shorts, each about 60 to 90 seconds long.

You can catch it on the Starbucks website soon, or via stores’ Wi-Fi portals from January.

Facebook to hire a head of news

On the back of intense scrutiny over fake news, Facebook is now looking to hire an “experienced news executive” to help combat the problem.

The person, with over 20 years of experience required, will be the “public-facing voice of Facebook and its role in the news ecosystem”.

Despite Facebook repeatedly denying its role as a news organisation in the past, this is perhaps the first real hint that it is finally accepting the idea.

Apple adds hundreds of new emojis

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s now more emojis than ever before.

This week, Apple unveiled hundreds of new ones along with its iOS 10.2 software update.

Along with exotic animals and popular food (including the long-awaited avocado), there are also more professions such as the teacher, scientist and pilot.

Oh, and let’s not forget the perfect emoji to sum up 2016… the black heart.

Amazon makes first-ever UK drone delivery

Amazon has revealed that it made its first-ever delivery by drone last week, 13 minutes after it was ordered.

Part of a trial for Prime Air, it successfully delivered a bag of popcorn and an Amazon Fire TV stick to a man named Richard in Cambridgeshire – who just so happens to live near the drone depot.

With strict government regulations in the UK, Amazon is limited in terms of how it can test the service, however, the delivery marks the brand’s intent to hit its 2018 target for widespread launch.

Twitter launches live video 

As part of its latest update, Twitter has unveiled a new feature that lets users broadcast live.

The feature is ‘powered by Periscope’ – the live streaming app that Twitter acquired for an undisclosed sum last year.

Now, as long as users have Periscope installed on their phone, anyone can broadcast live directly within the Twitter app.

Tinder on your telly box

If Corrie or the Queen’s Speech gets a bit too dull this Christmas, why not spice things up with a bit of Tinder?

The dating app is now available to use on Apple TV, meaning users can swipe right with their Siri remote (and the support of the entire family).

Part of Tinder’s efforts to grow and diversify its user-base, it has described it as the “same dynamite swiping experience you know and love – just bigger, better and streaming live from your living room.”

Merry Christmas, Nan.

JustEat devours HungryHouse

JustEat is hoping to expand its presence in the food delivery market by buying its biggest UK rival, Hungry House.

It is paying £200m for the company, with the promise of a further £40m if it hits performance targets. 

The deal is still to be cleared by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), but if so, it will rapidly accelerate JustEat’s growth.

In a separate deal, JustEat has also announced the acquisition of the Canadian company, SkipTheDishes, for a reported £66.1m.

Chicken Connoisseur goes viral

We love a bit of silly social media news, so what better way to finish off this week’s roundup than by celebrating the viral success of the chicken connoisseur?

If you haven’t discovered him yet, he’s a young man who goes around sampling London’s ‘pengest munch’ in search of the city’s best chicken shop.

Since going viral, and even appearing on ITV London news, the aspiring food critic has seen his YouTube subscribers skyrocket to over 200,000.