Snapchat evolves, Twitter sells (?), Facebook is rapped by the Germans.

As ever, there’s been plenty of digital news this week. Here’s your handy roundup.

Vogue attacks fashion bloggers

A Vogue Editors chat published on during Milan Fashion Week has criticised fashion bloggers and left them fairly irate.

The comments are amusingly sharp but do seem more than a little elitist, not to mention chock full of irony.

“Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe paid-to-wear outfits every hour: please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style,” says Sally Singer, creative digital director.

Nicole Phelps, director of the Vogue runway app adds: “It’s not just sad for the women who preen for the cameras in borrowed clothes, it’s distressing, as well, to watch so many brands participate.”

Alessandra Codinha, fashion news editor, is perhaps rudest, saying that looking for style in a row of bloggers was “like going to a strip club looking for romance. Sure, it’s all kind of in the same ballpark, but it’s not even close to the real thing.”

Unsurprisingly, response from the blogging community and beyond has been swift and mocking:

Snapchat becomes Snap

The launch of Snapchat Spectacles heralds Snapchat’s development into a camera company, not just an app.

Accordingly, the company has renamed and is now simply Snap Inc.

The spectacles shoot circular video, connect with your phone via bluetooth and charge wirelessly in their case.

Here’s everything you need to know.

snapchat spectacles

Unilever launches content units

Unilever has partnered with agency group Oliver to create two new content units embedded across its business.

U-Studio will focus on ‘needs content’ and U-Entertainment on ‘passions content’. What little is known about the new departments is taken from their job adverts on LinkedIn.

Unilever’s CMO will be speaking at the Festival of Marketing next week.

All Twitter users can now create Moments

Ever wanted to know the full story of that lorry that drove over Marlow Bridge, contravening the weight restrictions?

I thought not, but you’ll have to, because this was the Moment created by Econsultancy editor David Moth, when he reviewed the new Moment creator that is now open to all Twitter users.

twitter moments

Twitter preparing to sell?

Earlier this week, it was reported that Walt Disney, Microsoft, Alphabet and Salesforce were all lining up bids for Twitter.

With analysts deeming the stock overpriced and Twitter unlikely to get the same high price that LinkedIn demanded, it’s unclear what will happen next.

Germany orders WhatsApp-Facebook data share to stop

Since Facebook admitted it has been collecting data from WhatsApp users, Hamburg’s data protection commissioner has ordered the practice to stop.

As permission was not granted by users, the commissioner called on all stored data at Facebook to be deleted.

Germany has 35m WhatsApp users. More from the NYT.

Buzzfeed exposes ASOS warehouse problems

In an exposé reminiscent of the UK’s recent Sports Direct warehouse scandal, BuzzFeed has revealed the complaints of warehouse workers at ASOS’s Barnsley hub (run by Transline).

The tracking of picker work rate has allegedly led to a culture of fear, where employees feel they cannot go to the bathroom.

It seems that worker welfare is a recurring issue in the ecommerce logistics chain, with Amazon dogged by similar allegations in the past.


The BlackBerry is dead…

BlackBerry’s hardware division has been shuttered.

Recent losses come as no surprise, given BlackBerry’s smartphone market share is now just 0.1%.

Chief exec John Chen said: “Our new Mobility Solutions strategy is showing signs of momentum. Under this strategy, we are focusing on software development, including security and applications.”

…Apple capitalises with Deloitte partnership on corporate IT

Stepping into the business breach is Apple, partnering with Deloitte to boost its corporate IT service.

Deloitte will create a practice focused on deploying iPhones and iPads for situations such as inventory management and retail store assistance.

A newly developed consulting unit, EnterpriseNext, will also prototype custom services for Deloitte clients.

More from the FT.

Apple is the major new tenant of Battersea Power Station

1,400 Apple employees will occupy a new HQ at Battersea Power Station, according to The Standard.

A £9bn ongoing restoration project will create a village around the structure, with Apple set to nab all the office space (half a million square feet) in the famous building itself.

Image via Locosteve

battersea power station

Marissa Meyer under pressure

Six Democrat senators have written to Yahoo Chief Exec Marissa Mayer, seeking to understand how the company’s recently announced data breach of 2014 took so long to come to light.

The senators described the delay as ‘unacceptable’. More from the WSJ.

Sainsbury’s offer one-hour delivery in London

Sainsbury’s is piloting one-hour grocery delivery by bicycle across West London.

The service is available through the Chop Chop iOS app for a fee of £4.99.