It’s been brand-tastic in terms of tech news this week, with announcements and releases aplenty. 

Here’s a roundup of everything you might have missed.

Amazon and VMare announce partnership

It has been announced that Amazon and VMware – two competitors in cloud computing – are to join forces.

From next year, VMware’s software – which includes VSphere, VSAN and NSX – will be able to run on Amazon’s cloud, also becoming available to existing Amazon users. 

Though they have traditionally been rivals, this move appears to be part of VMware’s attempts to lead innovation rather than compete with the technology giant.

Tesco and Unilever fight (and make up again) 

Marmite fans were left in despair this week as the famously divisive spread was removed from Tesco’s website, following a dispute with Unilever over wholesale prices.

Due to the steep drop in the value of the pound, Unilever wanted to raise its prices by 10%.

However, Tesco refused and subsequently removed a range of Unilever products from its website, including PG Tips and Pot Noodle.

However, we can now all breathe a sigh of relief.

Unilever has since released a statement saying: “We have been working together closely to reach this resolution and ensure our much-loved brands are once again fully available. For all those that missed us, thanks for all the love.”

Facebook introduces Workplace tool

This week, it was announced that Workplace by Facebook will be opened up to any organization or business that wants to use it.

Formerly known as Facebook at Work, the enterprise tool is essentially a rival to Slack, allowing employees to communicate with each other outside the realms of company email.

So far, the likes of Danone, Starbucks and Oxfam have all signed up.

Samsung set to lose $5.4bn over Galaxy Note 7 recall

Since the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled last month after reports of battery fires, Samsung has announced the total cost of pulling the device off the market will be at least $5.4bn.

The company had already lowered its third-quarter profit guidance by $2.3bn, but it is now expected to take an additional hit of $3bn.

Meanwhile, hotly anticipated sales figures of rival device, the iPhone 7, are set to be released on 25th October.

Amazon launches new competitor to Spotify and Apple Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is the latest player in the music streaming market.

Set to initially launch in the US, it will cost $9.99 per month – the same as Spotify.

However, Amazon Prime customers will be able to subscribe for $7.99, while owners of the Amazon Echo can get the service for just $3.99. 

The only catch with the Amazon Echo deal is that users can only stream using this device.

Snapchat sets its sights on UK advertisers

Claire Valoti, GM of Snap Inc. in the UK has emphasised the platform’s potential for mobile ads, suggesting that the popularity of brand lenses means that “people are playing with advertising”.

A few months ago, Snapchat announced the roll out of an API – an interface that will allow third-party partners to programmatically trade snap ads. 

Though it is not yet clear whether any programs are underway in the UK, it marks a significant development in the relationship between Snapchat and agencies.

A lack of investment from advertisers has so far been put down to a lack of data and inconsistency in branded content guidelines.

Instagram app is now available for Windows 10

An official Instagram app for Windows 10 has just been released.

Following on from the launch of the app for mobile in April, Windows 10 users can now access the social network on desktop PCs and tablets.

However, despite the inclusion of regular features like Instagram Stories, Explore and direct messaging, the app won’t work on devices without a touchscreen or rear-facing camera.

But hey, they can still thank themselves lucky – there’s still no sign of an app for iPads.