Of all the major social networks, Twitter is perhaps the one that is most inherently suited to mobile due to the transient nature of 140 character tweets.

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been any more successful than the others in coming up with a coherent policy for monetising its mobile apps.

But even so, this infographic shows just how much potential lies in Twitter’s mobile platform. The social giant has more than 10m users in the UK, of which 80% access the network using a mobile device.

Furthermore, two-thirds of its mobile users log on while at home in front of the TV – a behaviour pattern we looked at in more detail in a post about Twitter’s relationship with TV.

Finally the infographic also flags up some stats about how many people use the network to engage with brands, a topic that UK director Bruce Daisley recently touched on in a talk about how businesses can use humour to connect with consumers.