This week’s digital news roundup will, as ever, give you everything you need to know, in a handy five-minute read.

From Snapchat and iOS 10 features, to retailer results and Google’s latest AI implementation, there’s lots you might have missed.

Snapchat gets sentimental

Snapchat has launched Memories, allowing users to save Snaps and Stories, and share their phone with gay abandon.

Beware, the launch video below features a grown adult referring to her parents as ‘cute’.

iOS 10 is now in beta

There’s a good review on Techcrunch which details how Apple is opening up the walled garden, allowing developer access to features such as Siri.

Perhaps the most notable change is to iMessage, which now includes many new features such as link previews and third-party extensions.

It looks very much like Apple is about to catch up on the messenger front. iOS 10 will be released proper in Autumn/Fall.

Image via Techcrunch

apple ios 10

Twitter’s first livestream, at Wimbledon

Ahead of Twitter’s much publicised airing of NFL Thursdays, the social network has had its first foray into sports livestreaming.

Day 10 of Wimbeldon was shown (clickthrough below) alongside relevant tweets and a link to ESPN coverage. Nothing groundbreaking in the UX, it seems.

twitter livestream

DeepMind debuts in medical research

DeepMind, Google’s machine learning capability, will be used to study data from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

The study will look at 3D retinal scans to try to find patterns in early disease development (such as in diabetes or macula degeneration).


Minnesota shooting raises disclaimer issues for Facebook content

The aftermath of Philando Castile’s shooting by a police officer in Minnesota was widely viewed on Facebook, prompting Mark Zuckerberg to comment on the tragedy and many to raise the issue of users’ inability to flag graphic content when they post it.

Currently, other users can flag posts, but the content creator cannot.

M&S clothing sales fall

Clothing sales fell 8.9% fall during Q1. Marks & Spencer has been trying to revitalise clothing sales for a while, with its ‘Mrs M&S’ strategy the latest effort.

Though I reported on the new strategy favourably in May this year, a turnaround is not yet evident. M&S blames early sales from other retailers.

Google buys its own Magic Pony

Hot on the heels of Twitter’s purchase of Magic Pony (machine learning for visual processing), Google has bought a similar company, Moodstocks.

Here’s a video of it in action.

Coca-Cola partners with YouTubers for CokeTV

‘Instead of glossy ad campaigns and global celebrities’, Nikki Gilliland writes, ‘[Coke] is aiming to target a younger generation via their favourite social media platform: YouTube.’

‘Fronted by two up-and-coming YouTubers, Dodie and Manny, each episode will be based around the themes of gaming, sport and music.’

New report: The Convergence of Marketing and Sales

I don’t usually trumpet Econsultancy content in the digital news roundup, but our recent Digital Transformation Best Practice Guide – The Convergence of Marketing and Sales – is a great, practical read, setting out the models and strategies that will help businesses integrate these two departments.

Available to subscribers now.

Sports Direct’s annus horribilis

Sports Direct has posted its annual results, with some seeing its poor performance as an indicator of the need for retailers to focus on customer experience over a race to the bottom.

Sports retail revenue increased by 0.6%, but pre-tax profit decreased by 8.4% during a year which has included notable scandals such as a failure to pay the minimum wage.